The Best At-Home Massage Tool of 2020

What is the Best At-Home Massage Tool? 

If you are looking for an at-home massage tool that can be useful without difficulty for pain management and relief, a massage gun should be on your list. This easy to use and leading-edge device is now in the mainstream and proven to be quite beneficial for professional athletes. The better news about this in-demand tool is that anyone who wants and needs to relax their tight muscles or minimize their muscle tension and soreness can also use it conveniently at home. If you are a gym buff, cross-fitter committed athlete, or who wants to recover fast from struggling muscle pain, soreness, knots, cramps, stress, aches, and other body pains, a massage gun can be your best friend to treat your body aches. What is more, is that you can bring massage guns at home and use it anytime and anywhere.

It is undeniable that massage guns have a rising moment due to its several proven benefits posted on several social networks. There are many massage devices available on the market now, that’s a sure thing, but an M3 massage gun from is on the top list of choices among the beneficial massage tools that are best for at-home use.


Benefits of having a Massage Gun at Home 

Having a massage gun at home is worth it because if you are struggling with aches and pains, it can give you a massage any time and as many times as needed. Massage guns are designed and intended for anyone's use, and they offer fast relief for muscle soreness. The convenience and accessibility are top reasons why you need a massage gun best at-home massage. 

The Massage Gun as your Best Friend

A massage gun can serve as your best friend at home and anywhere, giving you relief for painful muscle cramps, joint pain, fatigue, and swelling. For athletes and sports enthusiasts, massage guns are best for reducing recovery time on their muscle aches and pains to bounce back and recover immediately. 

Legiongears offer handheld massage guns that provide percussive therapy to areas of the body that calls for attention and remedy. A percussive treatment can be highly effective for deep tissue repair and pain relief giving you a relaxed mode after. For professional athletes needing to shorten the recovery period, having a massage gun at home is worth it. Painful muscle soreness won't last long with the help of massage gun therapy. The massage gun can provide quick relief to sore muscles, which are in poor condition and require immediate to intensive care. 

With the help of a handy massage gun, athletes and sports enthusiasts can prevent Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), which can be annoying for them after their workout. Constant and committed use of a massage gun can help you relax sore muscles. Other significant benefits of massage gun therapy include improved blood circulation and decreased stress levels. A massage gun allows you to improve blood flow and strengthen joints, ligaments, and tendons. It means improved flexibility and a marked up and increased range of motion for athletes, and better health for anyone using it. 

Easy Access: Good for Athletes 

If you are an athlete, it is good to have a massage gun at home. Using a massage gun for percussion therapy has helped add advantages to enhance your athletic performance and improve the stimulation of your body’s natural lubricant that is responsible for keeping your body flexible.

With boundless motion in range and better flexibility, professional athletes can improve their speed and strength. If you are an athlete, it can positively affect your performance in sports and others. Having an access to a massage gun at home helps keep your muscle warmed up before going to exercise. It can also be used to enhance workout and improve recovery after exercise. A massage gun is indeed a therapy device that is a must for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Having a massage gun at home is beneficial to you.

Massage guns for therapy at home to improve your mobility

Using a massage gun at home, it can make you have good circulation and accelerate recovery time from injuries or muscle spasms. This small yet powerful device helps in improving your mobility. A massage gun therapy encourages faster healing of the atrophied muscles, and athletes to come through and attain increased flexibility after a short yet significant time.

With its extensive massaging effect, a massage gun can aid in massaging and in opening doors of chances for collagen fibers to relieve and soothe constriction. Also, the use of a massage gun can reduce the risk of sprains and strains. There are several good feedbacks from professional athletes, trainers, and sports enthusiasts posted on social media platforms with regards to massage guns and their effectiveness. Athletes get to warm up quicker with the aid of massage guns beforehand. Athletes feel more relaxed and less tense heading into training. 

Massage guns have grown into a favorite handy tool for many athletes and sports and exercise enthusiasts worldwide. This latest innovative tool takes charge of pain management and muscle recovery at a promising level. Ease of usage is the best advantage a massage gun has. Athletes get tired because of their different sports activities, tasks, and performances. If you are an athlete, you must desire to handle your recovery time most comfortably and conveniently. With a massage gun, you can have this advantage and enjoy other benefits added to it.

Massage guns help you cool down and relax at home

By the same token, if you are a bodybuilder wanting to improve muscle contraction, a massage gun can assist you with regards to muscle growth and stimulation. Having massage gun therapy can help you cool down and relax after a long thriving day. It is common for anyone working from stressful jobs to get stiff muscles and joints. Having a massage gun at home gives you comfort and relief for body areas needing attention the most. 

Pain management and relief is the most well-known benefit of a massage gun. A massage gun can be used for the upper back, lower back, neck-region, calves, and particular areas of the body, which is in pain. A massage gun can also aid in removing lactic acid and contaminants that may have occurred when the athlete's body's oxygen levels reduce, and the athlete starts to have muscle cramp feelings. Moreover, massage guns are best to use when you are experiencing muscle cramps, muscle spasms, shin splints, sciatica, Herniated Discs, or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Our Best Recommendation: The M3 from LegionGears

Purchasing an M3 massage gun at is your best option compared to having a traditional massage session. A massage gun may be more expensive than a one massage session. However, if you have multiple massage appointments each month or year, then it will cost you more money than your one-time purchase of the massage gun, which can use any time possible. In comparison to having long-established massage appointments and other body-repair services, purchasing a massage gun appears to be the wiser investment. Faster recovery and greater comfort are sure wins from this handy massage device. Other surprising yet amazing advantages of using massage guns include reducing cellulite, curtailing stress, and helps fight insomnia. Athletes and anyone gets to sleep well and better with the regular use of massage guns too. You can achieve improved immunity as massage guns help you reduce anxiety and relieve stress.


Massage guns let you, athletes, and all people who have been through a tiring day to relax and ease body tension, stress, and pain at the comfort of having the session at home. You can save up a lot of money because you can enjoy a massage without having to repeatedly go to massage or spa sessions that cost you a large amount of cash by paying the service fee, gas, and fare.

A massage gun is very user-friendly. Gliding it over the sore muscle option is the best way to go rather than forcing the massage head-on target area. Pressing too hard and staying longer in one spot is not advisable. After turning it on, you can use it in a localized area you are targeting to get better and let the massage gun do its job. While you are at home, you can get the most benefits of the massage gun while using less effort.

The massage gun is easy to use, and its weight is rightfully balanced to give users the capability to treat themselves with good massage therapy. This handy tool is quite a game-changer indeed. Since it is rechargeable, you can take this best friend tool with a carrying case anytime and anywhere.

If you are planning to purchase a massage gun, please visit and see surprising sales on M3 massage guns. Make sure you have one before it is sold out! 

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